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Rich People...

What comes to mind when you hear the term "rich people"?

As I've worked on my money mindset over the last several years, I've had to unpack a lot of old beliefs about money, and about the people who have a lot of it. As a future multi-millionaire, I know that I can't want to be wealthy while simultaneously despising those who are already there.

I've been pleased to notice that I've felt nothing but joy and gratitude while working in this glorious, 23,000 square foot home. Old Angela would have likely had other feelings about it, but Present Angela is...

  • grateful for the opportunity to be of service via my team of fun, loving, and skilled professionals

  • grateful to be basking in the Essences of Prosperity and Abundance (This chandelier makes my heart sing!!!)

  • grateful to partner with two other woman-owned businesses

  • grateful to imagine the joyful anticipation that this family is surely experiencing as they prepare to move into their dream home

If you want more money, it's important that you have a healthy relationship with it. Celebrate it when it arrives; speak blessings over it as it goes. And certainly celebrate (or at least welcome in curiosity) when others have it in abundance.

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