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Join us for the next Cuddle Sanctuary! 💜 Friday, May 17th at Flow Space 💜

Friday, May 17th | 6:30 - 9:30 pm
doors at 6 pm

$35 Registration
$45 at the door (if there are spots available)

Join us for Cuddle Sanctuary, a unique event that fosters connection, community, and bliss. You'll be surrounded by warm and welcoming

human beings - the perfect environment for self-exploration and fun!


Our structure and guidelines create a very safe environment for connection, cuddling, and other platonic (non-sexual) touch. We’ll lead you through gentle exercises to create a safe container that is rich with consent and clear communication of boundaries.

There is no touch required at all. Observing is another wonderful way to participate. We even have a designated area for alone time that we call the “Solo Salon”. We’ll give you ideas for no-touch options for connecting with others, like sharing gratitude.

At the end of every Cuddle Sanctuary, you may leave feeling peaceful, connected, and very blissed out. People of all genders, orientations, races, and abilities are welcome.


6 pm Doors Open. Arrivals & Check-In

6:30 pm Doors Close. It’s important that you arrive a few minutes early so we can create a safe container free from the distraction of late arrivals.

We’ll begin with an Opening Circle, followed by a few fun and simple connection, communication, & consent activities. You’ll be given all the guidelines you need in order to enjoy a safe and fulfilling experience. As you gain a calm confidence in your ability to express your needs and boundaries, more activities will guide you into playful connection as whatever pace is comfortable for you.


9:15 pm Closing Circle

9:30 pm Go forth into the world feeling connected and joyful!




Pre-Registration: $35
At the door (if spots are available): $45


We offer a no risk, 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Cuddle Sanctuary experience, just email


Need to cancel? No problem! You can cancel up to four hours before the event and receive a full refund. We won’t be able to refund cancellations within 4 hours of the event. Thanks for honoring this guideline!


Dress comfortably - think soft and cozy. Pajamas, t-shirts, sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, and shorts all work well. You are welcome to change clothes when you arrive.

Hygiene is important at cuddles - it's easier to get close that way! Please come free of perfumes, colognes, and cigarette smoke. Some of us have sensitive noses.


Optional: Bring a pillow, blanket, or something snuggly.


Please arrive and remain sober throughout the event. You may find yourself getting a natural high on oxytocin - often called the "cuddle hormone."


Our event space will be covered with padding on the floor and most of our exercises are on the floor. If you are concerned about your ability to get up and down from the floor to a standing position, please contact us to discuss accommodation:


These guidelines are like the “etiquette of cuddling." We’ll go over them and answer any questions you have.

*There is no touch required.*You can change your mind at any time.* Respect the boundaries of others (ideally with enthusiasm).* Keep touch "Rated G" and stay dressed.* Ask and Wait: If you want to touch someone, ask. Then wait for their answer.* Respect the confidentiality of others.


Angela Dragon
After a 12-year career in marketing and event planning, Angela quit her full-time job in 2014 to attend the Florida School of Massage. Giving and receiving compassionate touch nearly every day was nothing short of life-changing for her. Having experienced the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of massage therapy, she became increasingly aware of the need for more compassionate touch in our culture. She had heard of professional cuddling and was intrigued, but it wasn’t until a dear friend in Los Angeles mentioned attending a Cuddle Sanctuary event that she was curious enough to learn more, eventually becoming a Certified Event Facilitator through Cuddle Sanctuary’s training program.


In addition to being a Functional Health & Happiness Coach, Angela is owner of Simplify Home Organizing, where her team specializes in decluttering, helping clients process their emotional attachment, and bringing ease and joy into their lives. Learn more about her services at and


Flow Space

117 NW 16th Avenue

Gainesville, Fl 32601

While Flow Space is full of BIG hearts, their parking lot is *small*. If you arrive after the parking lot is full, look for the Parking Fairy who will gladly direct you to additional parking options.

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