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My Year of Transformation - 10 Years Later

This year marks 10 years since my Year of Transformation in 2014. 🤯

That January, I quit my full-time job as Assistant Director of the UF Real Estate Center in the College of Business. ​At the end of January, I started full-time at the Florida School of Massage, which would mark my liberation from corporate America and academia and launch me into entrepreneurship. My massage school experience was some of the most profound experiential education I could imagine. I continue to reflect on those six intense and healing months with gratitude.​

A couple of months into school, I went through a divorce after seven years of marriage. I'll never forget the moment that one of our instructors used the term "a loveless marriage" and I realized I was in one. 😔

I decluttered my home, getting rid of anything that didn't fit my new identity as a single, joyful, free-spirited massage therapist. A friend noticed my newly decluttered home and had just been through a separation and move herself, so asked for my help. My home organizing business was born that day, even though I had no idea at the time that such an industry even existed!

Liberation and connection are now at the heart of everything I do. ❤️‍🔥

🏡 My Simplify Home Organizing team helps clients process their emotional attachment to things to create a home environment that aligns with who they're becoming, or to prepare their home for sale to bring ease to the major transition of moving.

😊 In my Functional Health & Happiness Coaching practice, and with Virtual Organizing, I empower women to rebuild their lives with intention and tap into their full radiance, often following major life changes like divorce, changing careers, starting a business, or moving.

💜 At Cuddle Sanctuary, I create sacred space to explore your relationship with touch through fun, experiential activities around the topics of consent, communication, and boundaries.

✨ Liberation & Connection ✨

I invite you to work with me - simply click on the links above to learn more or book a 1:1 call - if any of the above services sound like they could meet your needs, or even transform your life!​

Here's to welcoming in the Year of the Dragon! 🐲

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