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I went to the gym this morning!!! This is a HUGE DEAL because I hadn't set foot in a gym in over a year.

One year ago was the beginning of six weeks of severe illness, followed by the discovery of the tumor, after which the fever mysteriously dissipated. (I think my body just needed for me to know about the tumor, and then it was able to get well again. More on that another time...)

It's weird to think that I was mostly bedridden for so long. That still feels surreal. I recall looking at my body and not recognizing myself in the mirror. It was devastating to see myself so frail and weak.

I remain deeply grateful for my body's miraculous ability to heal. These meat suits sure are fragile while being simultaneously so dang resilient. It's incredible, really.

I am also wholeheartedly grateful for the support of friends who continue to facilitate my healing and resilience.

Please uplift, encourage, and support one another. Regularly. We each know suffering, but we can lessen each other's suffering through acts of kindness and compassion.

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