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Life's Celebrations, Sometimes in the Most Unlikely Places

Early this morning, I went to the Clerk of Court - for the third time during this process - to get a *certified* copy of my name change order. (As you may have read, I waited at the social security office for a whole hour yesterday only to be told that the order I received via email was not enough.)

So instead of my usual morning walk for fun, I walked downtown. (It's funny to me that I didn't enjoy this walk as I would have if it had been for "fun". I realized this during my walk home and stopped to marvel at flowers and trees and things, as I normally do.)

I passed through the metal detectors and found the records office. About two minutes and six bucks later, I had my stamped copy and headed out. On my way out, however, there was a group of people who appeared to be Middle Eastern who were all dressed up - one woman was wearing a beautiful sparkly dress! At 8:30 am! - and they were all greeting each other with such JOY that I slowed down to soak some of it in.

I heard lots of "Salam!!!" and saw everyone - the men included - giving kisses on BOTH CHEEKS. Like face-holding, I-love-you-so-much kisses.

I don't know what they were celebrating. A marriage license, perhaps? One couple seemed to be at the center of all this joy, but everyone was so jubilant that I'm really not sure.

What I do know, however, is that I was grateful to witness this, especially in stark contrast to the sterile, quiet energy of the government building.

So here's to more both-cheek kisses! More face-holding-love! More sparkly dresses!

And more celebrations.

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