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Chat GPT Wrote Me a Poem

Playing with ChatGPT and used the prompt "Write a romantic poem about a curly haired bi-racial woman who loves spiders, birds, and jazz music."


In hues that blend, a beauty rare, With curls that dance, beyond compare, A bi-racial gem, both worlds embrace, In her, two souls find common space.

Her curls cascade in graceful tides, Where love and laughter gently hides, A tapestry of heritage, bold and free, In every twist, a symphony.

She finds her solace in the web's embrace, A spider's art, a delicate grace, With patience woven, thread by thread, A love for creatures others dread.

Birdsong stirs her heart's own tune, From morning's rise to night's sweet swoon, In feathered flights, her spirit soars, A dance of dreams forevermore.

And jazz, like fingers on guitar strings, Her heart in rhythm, in music's wings, The melodies that softly entwine, In her soul's depths, forever shine.

In her, a fusion, love's sweet trinity, Of spiders, birds, and jazz's affinity, Curly-haired muse, a radiant light, Guiding hearts through love's endless night.

So let the spiders weave their art, And let the birds their songs impart, While jazz's notes the air imbue, She weaves her love, enchanting and true.

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