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Bringing out the best in us 💜

One of my favorite things about Cuddle Sanctuary is how we each turn into the best versions of ourselves - which, interestingly - seems to be our five-year-old selves.

This past Saturday night, during the Open Cuddle, which is the luxurious final hour or so of the experience, I enjoyed having my back scratched, being lovingly held, and playing with Thai massage and assisted stretching.

I was continually grinning ear-to-ear while watching a massage train, hearing relaxed laughter, and witnessing the a-ha moments of insight that this type of experiential learning provides.

I am forever grateful to @jeanfranzblau, the Founder of @cuddlesanctuary, for creating something so deeply fulfilling and transformational.

If you're intrigued and want to know about future Cuddle Sanctuary events, shoot me a text at 352-888-4834 with your name and email address and I'll happily add you to my email list. 🤗

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