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Authenticity Alert:

Authenticity post:

A beloved coaching client recently confessed to me that she had feelings of comparison after reading one of my posts.

So, in the spirit of authenticity, and lest you think I've got my ish together all the time (I don't)...

In the past week, my pet tarantula died, my Personal Assistant resigned, I struggled to consistently feed myself, I've had a migraine off-and-on for three days, and I made a mistake in my budget that led to overdrafting my bank account for the first time in my life.

Simultaneously, I felt like a badass CEO for successfully leading a big project while supporting my team on two other projects, joyfully served a couple of coaching clients, went back to the gym after a year, and celebrated my 43rd birthday surrounded by a small group of dear friends.

So tonight my dinner consists of three bags of frozen items from Trader Joe's, followed by a restful evening of reading and tea drinking.

Life is weird and complex and beautiful.

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