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Alleviating loneliness, i.e. how to make friends as adults 🤗

I hear so often from women about how they long for even just a couple of close friendships. If you're wanting to learn how to make friends, my questions for you would be:

🌟 What kind of friends do you want?

🌟 What kinds of experiences do you want to share with friends?

🌟 What might a friendship look like to you at this stage in your life?

🌟 How do you want to feel when you're with these future friends? Perhaps you could journal about this. I believe that we each have all that we need within us, so my role as a coach is to reflect what I hear, and lovingly offer that back to you. Some people may want deep, intimate friendships, while others may simply want activity buddies. In my experience, we all want friends who are loyal, present with all parts of us, and who "get" us.

Making friends often involves being vulnerable by asking people to hang out, or even (as was the case with one of my best friends) stating "I really want a couple of truly close friends". After she said that during a women's circle many years ago, I told her I want that, too, and we've been close friends since then. Some people will say "no, thanks" - kinda like dating! - but if you don't ask for what you want, you won't get it, ya know?

What are some ways you could create the kinds of friendships that you long for?

As always, if you'd like support with this, my calendar is open for a free phone consult for you. 💓

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